zenGOT™ Logo Design
Lambeth - Feel 100% Flagship Food Programme
Lost for Words (Aphasia Awareness) - Stroke Association
Eco Creations
T-Junction Children's Services
Mini Site Designs
White Paper and Report Designs
‘hello’ (Family Friendly Airline)
'Intricacy' (Exhibition Identity)
'Live then Give' Organ Donation Awareness Campaign
Leicester City of Culture
'Patturn' (Zine and Postcards):
Oxford Fashion Society
'Spiralling into Control' - Bookmaking
'Live then Give' Design Report
D&AD Dressing the Screen
Map for LCV Church
'Thirst Aid Kit' (Tea Packaging):
Mother's Day Service Flyer/Postcard (LCV Church):
'Food for Thought' (Event Idea and Promotion):
Penguin 'The Big Sleep' Book Cover (Editorial):
YCN - UK Greetings ('finally...' range for 'NVlope'):
ENRYCH Charity:
'Doddle the Dodo' (Animation):
Starpack 'First Class' Luxury Travelpack (Packaging):
'Etikit' (Niche British Guide):
Self Branding
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