2018-2023, GAMA Healthcare Ltd.

I was the internal project and creative lead on GAMA's new website build, working closely with a digital agency, freelance designer and internal comms team. We originally had individual websites for each of our product brands and our CEO wanted us to build one main GAMA umbrella website to house all of our brands. This was to help build brand recognition for GAMA and have all our products in one place.
I worked collaboratively with a freelance designer on giving the GAMA brand a facelift, as this was around the time GAMA was having a new logo created. The website was the first touchpoint we worked on since the rebrand, and it subsequently ended up setting up GAMA's new brand look and feel. I found a photographer for us to work with to capture new product and lifestyle imagery for the site and planned and directed these shoots.
I put together a sitemap, and worked with our internal comms team to come up with a plan for all the content we needed to transfer over and rewrite, considering new character counts that needed to be adhered to.
Working closely with a digital agency, we built the new site using Contentful and set up themes for each brand and content blocks to build each page.
Over 6 months, we built 250 web pages, wrote 32,438 words, had 236 new product photos and 104 lifestyle photos shot over 13 days, carried out over 60 hours of user testing, uploaded 716 website assets and migrated over 164 blog articles.
I continue to be the creative owner and day-to-day manager of the GAMA website, working closely with developers and agencies to add new features, content and designs.
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